woensdag 30 mei 2018

Bookcircle activities at the Azorebisi Primary School

Class six having their library session at the Asoegoom Primary School

Class six pupils of Asoegoom Primary School having their library session. Reading is a key for the succes of the world.

New pictures of the schoollibrary Asoegoom primary School

A classroom with my name

For your outstanding contribution to reading in Asoegoom primary school, we honor you with a classroom in the school. We are proud of you, remain celebrated madam Wia. The kids of Asoegoom love u.

More readings at the library in Bolgatanga

Executive Director of Cesrud Mr. Rex Asanga visit the LCS Bolgatanga

The joy of reading at the Library today was great when the Executive Director of Cesrud Mr. Rex Asanga join us at the Sumbrungu Library at 25th of may to see how libraries activities were going on to mark this year AU day. Some prizes were presented to deserving patrons.

A visit of Paul to the schoollibrary of Asoegoom Primary School

Paul Ayutoliya, the librarian of the LCS Bolgatanga, was invited on 18th of may by the Head teacher of Asoegoom Primary school in Sumbrungu to interact with parents and teachers about how they can support their children or pupils on reading. Part of the visit was to also see ongoing works at the school library, some significant work have been done but there is still more work to be done. The renovation works there is solely supported by the school teachers who have come together and contributed money from their own pockets. They have done a great job there, more work still need to be done, the teachers still need support to get the place (the School library) in a very good state. We welcome support in any form, be it books for the library, furniture, games, shelves or any other support for the library. The official commission of the Library is Schedule to come off on 1st June 2018.

The teacher George Gbenga Soloman

donderdag 24 mei 2018

Working visit to the LCS Bolgantanga

Working visit to the LCS Bolgatanga. To learn new things that will improve the school library at Asoegoom Primary School