zondag 30 juli 2017

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It is my passion to stimulate (pre) reading with children. Because the more you read, the more you can grow

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Books are ready for transport to Ghana

Books are packed at Biblionef Nederland in The Hague and the books are ready for transport to Ghana.

Building a library in Okorase

The currect project is to build a bigger library in Okorase. Every afternoon, many children visit the library of Okorase. The children read books and/or play educational games. Every afternoon it’s a party for these children to come to the library. From school they run all together to the library to enjoy the various activities.

However, there is not enough space for all these children and therefore a bigger library is needed in Okorase. The library is a special place for the children that give them a chance to escape from the current poverty. Childrenbooks help to open their world. Therefore Wia is collecting money to build a bigger libary in Okorase in 2017 to assure that all children can use the library. Wia is working together with Biblionef Ghana and Compassion for Humanity Foundation. These organizations assure that the project is wel taken over and continued by the local population.

The construction of the library has begun.


Reading is a window to the world

We have been awarded a grant worth $ 30.000 by the Lions Club International Foundation:

A short description of our project:
This project proposal of Biblionef in partnership with several Lions Clubs
encourages children development by improving their reading skills. This is
achieved through the following activities:

1. Donation of new children’s books and other materials to 20 schools so that
children have interesting materials to improve their learning and the library is
set up and/or much better equipped to fulfil its role.

2. Setting up two Learning Community Spaces (LCS’s) in Okorase and

3. Training to teachers and persons in charge of books, like librarians, so that
the donated books and materials are optimally used. This is achieved by
teaching library management and reading motivation skills.

4. Evaluation of and feedback on the use of the books.
A broadened view of the world will provide help to resist peer pressure and
develop a positive self-image, self-discipline, good judgment and a sense of
responsibility. The project will support teachers to teach the children how to set
goals and make healthy decisions. It will support children to become independent.
Reading for pleasure will enrich their lives.