zondag 30 juli 2017

Building a library in Okorase

The currect project is to build a bigger library in Okorase. Every afternoon, many children visit the library of Okorase. The children read books and/or play educational games. Every afternoon it’s a party for these children to come to the library. From school they run all together to the library to enjoy the various activities.

However, there is not enough space for all these children and therefore a bigger library is needed in Okorase. The library is a special place for the children that give them a chance to escape from the current poverty. Childrenbooks help to open their world. Therefore Wia is collecting money to build a bigger libary in Okorase in 2017 to assure that all children can use the library. Wia is working together with Biblionef Ghana and Compassion for Humanity Foundation. These organizations assure that the project is wel taken over and continued by the local population.

The construction of the library has begun.


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